The Power of Pilates & Strength

It's All About 
  • Posture
  • Body Education
  • Breath

Pulse Pilates

At PULSE, we focus on a teaching style that is warm yet bold, supportive and encouraging. Combining highly personalized programming with in-depth technical knowledge, offering a modern approach to Pilates that is highly engaging and effective.

Our postural analysis and programming focuses on realigning bodies, providing rehabilitation after injury or surgery, and supporting pre- and post-natal journeys. At Pulse, we value body education and spend time teaching you about movement principles and how they relate to your body’s personal blueprint.

One of our goals at Pulse is for you to love your movement routine, have fun, and to establish consistency. Exercise has been shown to be one of the leading transformative factors in human life. 

In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference,

In 20 you’ll see the difference, and in

30 you’ll have a new body.

– Joseph Pilates

Evergreen – Private Room


Specialized Pilates equipment


» Reformer

» Cadillac

» Chair

» CoreAlign

» Ladder Barrel

Private sessions take place in the Evergreen room that is a full apparatus Pilates room with 5 styles of equipment. Each piece of equipment trains and challenges your body in new ways. We also believe in the power of strength training and will incorporate dumbbells into our training sessions.

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Pulse Pilates
How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to email: or to text/call 540-200-8705

What Do I Wear?

We recommend wearing Pilates and/or yoga clothing that you can move, bend, and sweat in. Wearing yoga and Pilates leggings, tees, and tanks allows your Coach to see your form and correct it easier. Grip socks are for sale at the studio, but you are more than welcome to rock your own pair. DO NOT WEAR: ZIPPERS, PERFUME, JEWELRY, LOTION – the equipment is made of leather and wood. This can cause damage to the equipment.

Parking & Location Info

Parking is free and there is plenty of it! We have a huge parking lot beside the building. We are located 200 Country Club Dr SW Suite D3, Blacksburg, VA 24060. We are in BUILDING D.


There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. To cancel, login to your account via the APP or the Web. You are also welcome to text and/or call us at 540-200-8705. Please note, if you cancel less than 24 hours this is considered a late cancel and the session is forfeited and fully charged.

Safety Policy

By attending our Studio and participating in our Pilates classes, you will be performing physical activity and exercise which has an inherent risk of personal injury. Participating in our classes is done at your own risk. You must inform us and our Coaches if you have any injury, illnesses, discomfort or are pregnant before participating in classes.

Studio Policies