1. ARRIVE ON TIME: As a courtesy to others, and not to interrupt a class in session, we kindly request that you arrive on time. Your coach reserves the right to refuse entry to a class if you are late, at which point you will forfeit your session and payment for that session.
  2. CELL PHONES: We are all dependent on our phones, but we request that you silence your cell phone and avoid use during any session, as this is disruptive to others. This also gives you a chance to step away from your phone and unwind from your day to focus on your mind/body connection.
  3. DRESS APPROPRIATELY: GRIP SOCKS REQUIRED / NO ZIPPERS / NO JEWELRY: Wear clothes that are appropriate for the activity. We recommend wearing Pilates and/or Yoga clothing that you can move, bend, and sweat in. Wearing yoga and Pilates leggings, teas, and tanks allows your Coach to see your form and correct it easier. If you choose to wear loose-fitting shorts, knee-length is best with full coverage mid-thigh or longer spandex underneath. Grip socks are also required at all times, for your safety. We also recommend that anyone with long hair have it tied back to avoid getting tangled in the equipment. Please keep your jewelry at home. The equipment is made of leather and jewelry can puncture the material. We will ask you to take your jewelry off.
  4. AVOID SCENTS / MAKEUP / BRONZERS / LOTIONS: We love a good smell, but not everyone is tolerant of scents, so we kindly request that you avoid any perfumes, body sprays, or scented lotions when visiting the studio. We also request that clients avoid any bronzers, dark makeup, or artificial tanning products while using our equipment, as these products can stain the leather.
  5. CANCELLATION / NO SHOW POLICY: All private and group class sessions have a 24-hour cancellation window prior to the class start time. This allows others, who may be on a waitlist, to join. Failure to cancel on time or to “no show” will forfeit your class fee/ charge.
  6. SPEAK UP: Safety is our priority! It’s imperative that you let us know if you have any new injuries, pregnancy, or any other health condition changes. This allows us to know what is happening with your body, so we can provide the necessary modifications.
  7. CHILDREN: We love little kids, but we do not provide childcare. The studio is not a safe place for small children, therefore we cannot be liable for them. Older children who can quietly entertain themselves unattended are welcome, however, we request that you please check with the studio prior to arriving with your children.
  8. RESPECT OTHERS’ TIME: We encourage our clients to make new friends but request that you refrain from social conversations during your class, so all participants can focus on instruction and make the most of their session.
  9. POSITIVITY: Negative energy radiates through a class, so please come ready to work and encourage others. We strive to have a safe, positive, and uplifting environment at PULSE PILATES. We reserve the right to pause or terminate client participation, without notice, for inappropriate, threatening, harassing, offensive, indecent, or illegal behavior or language, at our discretion. 
  10. LOST ITEMS: Please be certain to collect all personal items when leaving the studio. PULSE PILATES cannot be responsible for any stolen or lost items. Lost and found items not claimed after 30 days will be disposed of, or donated to charity.
  11. FOOD AND DRINKS: Water bottles with tight-fitting lids are allowed in the studio, however, we request no food items in the training areas.
  12. CHEWING GUM: Gum is not recommended during training. Pilates breathing + gum = choking. We don’t want to perform the Heimlich on you. 🙂
Pulse Pilates and Strength Studio