Amidst the challenges of 2020, Ashlin found herself at a crossroads when her local studio closed down. Together with her mentor, Arkeif Robinson, they pooled their resources to establish a modest 250 sq ft private studio.

In the Fall of 2021, Ashlin took the reins by buying out Arkeif’s share when he relocated out of state. This pivotal moment coincided with the arrival of a new client, Sheryl, facing the effects of extended hospital hours. United by their shared love for Pilates, a connection blossomed. Recognizing Sheryl’s potential as a Pilates instructor and envisioning Ashlin’s capacity for a thriving larger studio, the seeds of the Pulse dream were planted.

From their common vision, Pulse Pilates and Strength started in May 2023. It began as a small, personal studio and evolved into a vibrant place that not only changes lives through fitness, but also shows the strength of resilience, friendship, and a steadfast belief in each other.

The Philosophy

A space for purposeful movement & to ignite your inner power.

Sheryl and Ashlin Pulse Pilates
Ashlin Jackson Pulse Pilates


Owner / Coach

  • Almost a decade of Pilates coaching experience
  • Southwest Virginia native & VT graduate
  • Avid outdoorswoman
  • Goal for clients: enhance your life force & feel enjoyable movement
  • Favorite Pilates move: Semicircle
Ashlin Jackson Pulse Pilates


Managing Director / Coach

  • 20+ years Nurse Practitioner experience
  • Florida native & UF graduate
  • Volunteer & pet foster for MCAC
  • Goal for clients: to maintain strength & stamina with aging
  • Favorite Pilates move: Snake
Pulse Pilates Studio



  • Classically trained ballerina & 6 years Pilates coaching experience
  • North Carolina Native & VT graduate
  • Mom of 3
  • Goal for clients: to feel powerful & at home in their bodies
  • Favorite Pilates move: Long stretch
Pulse Pilates Studio


Puplates Ambassador

  • 3 years as studio happiness greeter
  • Southwest Virginia native
  • Goal to bring smiles to all clients
  • Favorite Pilates move: Elephant (downward dog)