what makes Pulse Unique

Pulse Pilates

The Pulse approach focuses on the functional benefits that Pilates can bring to the human form.

We offer highly personalized programming with in-depth technical knowledge, a modern approach to Pilates that is engaging and enjoyable. We also incorporate strength training into our clients programming.

At Pulse our clients are at the forefront of everything we do. Our focus is to make a meaningful impact – we are confident in our knowledge and know that our clients leave feeling stronger in mind and body.




Our studio is a bright modern, open, and earthy space. We offer top quality private Pilates training sessions and small-group classes (5 people max). The rooms are spacious, allowing members the ability to move freely in their workouts. Each room has the highest quality Pilates apparatuses, small props and weights. 

Our studio culture doesn’t solely focus on the physical benefits; we believe that finding a deeper connection to oneself and to others, fostering self-love, and teaching confident and empowered movement is key. This is a place where everybody is welcome to move without fear of judgement. We want you to feel supported and seen no matter your experience, level of fitness, age or body composition.

Pulse Pilates

We Have Two Rooms



Private Room
  • Reformer
  • Cadillac
  • Chair
  • CoreAlign
  • Ladder Barrel



Group Room
  • 5 Reformers with small props
  • 5 Large Cushion Mats beside each reformer

Our Classes Combine

Pilates » Strength Training
Stretching » HIIT exercises

The Team


Ashlin Jackson

Ashlin Jackson

Founder & Coach


Ashlin is the owner and coach at Pulse Pilates & Strength Studio. With almost a decade of experience, she is a certified Personal trainer, comprehensive Pilates instructor and holds multiple certifications in other modalities that have inspired her programming to be mindful, dynamic, efficient, and fun.

Personally, movement for her is what gives life purpose. Her goal is to inspire you to move every day. Movement has been how she has taken care of her energy, mental health and physical wellbeing. She believes and feels, “Pilates is about life. It is about increasing your life force in your body, increasing your degree of health, and being organized in your center so that you can take on the unexpected aspects of life, from a place of creative joy”. Her goal is for each client to feel the difference in how movement and a connection to one’s body & heart transforms their mental and physical life.



Puplates Ambassador

“Macadoodle, Lil Mac, Mac-aroni”

Mac is our studio pup who comes to visit throughout the week. He is our friendly Puplates Ambassador who brings lots of love and happiness when he visits.  We absolutely love animals, and we will have pop-up community donation classes on the schedule to support our local animal shelters.