Pulse Pilates and Strength Studio


No Muscle Left Behind

Welcome to Pulse Pilates & Strength studio, your local Pilates equipment and mat studio located in Blacksburg, Va. We offer Pilates group equipment classes, mat classes, prenatal/postnatal training, private training and events. We are here to teach you Pilates, strength training, and flexibility for all levels & to ignite your inner power.

A Space To

  • Embrace Challenge
  • Drop Perfection
  • Celebrate Community
  • Foster Self-Love
  • Make Hard Work Fun
  • Break the Mold


free reformer orientation session

Are you brand new to Reformer Pilates and want to learn more about it? This 30-minute orientation session takes place at 10am 2x a month on Saturdays. 

How do I start?


There are several routes to start:

If you are not sure on what Reformer Pilates is and want an educational session, sign-up for our Free 30-minute Reformer Orientation session that takes place on Saturday’s 2x a month. 


If you are ready for a full 50-minute class, sign-up for Reformer Foundations and use the special “FRIENDS”. This will give you 25% off your first class. 


The next option is to do Private training and complete the Private form. We offer a 2-Pack Private Special for $130. 



Pulse Pilates and Strength Training

We have created two ways to train with us:

Personal Training

Pulse Pilates Personal Training

Small-Group Class

Pulse Pilates

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.”
– Joseph Pilates